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Texas Auto Title & Registration Consultants

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Consultants to the Towing and Automobile Repair Industry...

Welcome to Texas Auto Title & Registration Consultants Inc. Web site. We are located in the Sparkling City by the Sea Corpus Christi, Texas.

With more than thirty years experience dealing with motor vehicle law's nation wide we can help businesses dealing with abandoned vehicles, mechanic liens, bonded titles, and stolen vehicles.

We have direct access to Motor Vehicle Registrations and Driving Records for more than thirty states.

Our large Drug Seizure Auction Program has auctioned off more than 75,000 vehicles in the State of Texas. Our Seizure Auctions consist of automobiles, trucks, semi-tractors, boats, motorcycles, and surplus items (jewelry, VCRS, televisions, air conditioners, lawn mowers, and many more).

List are available for Law Enforcement Vehicles at this site. LAW ENFORCEMENT VEHICLES

List are available for U.S. Marshal Vehicles at this site. U.S. MARSHAL VEHICLES

We have Digital Photos of vehicles for our more prominent auctions!

We will be including on line auction bidding capabilities soon.

Tatrc has many services available for Licensed Vehicle Storage Facilities or tow truck operators.

Some of those services are:

Consultants to the Rules and Regulations for VSF's , Property Code 70, and Article V Texas Litter Abatement Act

Furnish Texas DMV's and expedite DMV requests with our direct access to more than 30 DMV state offices nationwide.

Provide letter notification for consent, non-consent, and mechanical repaired vehicles.

Also, provide notification on behalf of the Sheriff and Police Departments.

We currently have three licensed auctioneers available to conduct public auctions.

We can also collect unpaid fees due after a vehicle is auctioned. (Automotive Storage Recovery)

We also have several services we offer to the General Public, So Please Feel Free to Contact Us:

To contact TATRC:

Main Information: (Toll Free)800-448-2344 (Local)361-939-7547
Main Fax: (Local)361-939-7620
Bonded Titles: (Toll Free)800-833-2914 (Local)361-939-7749
MVR & DLR Information: (Toll Free)888-TXT-TITLE OR 888-898-4853 (Local)361-939-7903